Elf on a Shelf December 2020

Encore, “How is Your Elf on The Shelf Behaving?”

The Elf on a Shelf is a Christmas tradition where an elf sits somewhere, usually on shelf in a family’s home and watches the behavior of the kids. Each night the Elf, magically returns to the North Pole and reports to Santa what he saw. Before the children wakeup the next morning, the Elf returns and finds a new place to sit. The Elf often become bored with sitting and has tendencies to have prankish behavior while everyone is sleeping.

 Here are the Elf pictures sent in by Encore members….some naughty and some nice!

Carol Shrider: Elf on the tree

Linda Johnson:  Elf in Quarantine

Peter Klein: Our Elf  has come to life.

Trudy Cunningham:  We have a verrrry prankish Elf! He disguised himself as a snowman and thought he would not be noticed! Ha-we see you!

Diane Goodrich: HO HO HO

Terry Derry: The Gnome on the Roam.  Look where we found him this morning!

Terry Derry: The Gnome on the Roam. 

Suzanne Le Moine:  Elves on the sofa.

Suzanne Le Moine: Found him trying to get into my tree !! Those elves !!

Suzanne Le Moine: Elf on the table.

Ardis Duhachek: Your Amazon package has been delivered.

Ardis Duhachek: LIke a good neighbor, stay over there.

Ardis Duhachek: You are the apple of my eyes.

Ardis Duhachek: Bone Appetit!

Ardis Duhachek: Your Mission, should you choose to accept it, is to locate a roll of toilet paper.

Ardis Duhachek: Livin that Quarentine