Encore offers a number of activities every month. Members find an activity they wish to participate in and sign up at the monthly coffee meetings. Many of the activities are hosted in members homes, and the hosting rotates among those who participate.


Book ClubBunco
Cards & CarbsCooking Together
CraftsEncore Wanderers
Food & FunGo
Hand &FootHand Knee & Foot
Let’s Go GirlsYakkety Yak Mahjong
Mexican TrainMystery Adventure
PokerSalad bar
Shanghai RummyWalk About
Wine and Dine

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Book Club

    We believe reading is fun! We strive to find unique and challenging ways to spread the love of reading, and grab your imagination.  We have created an environment where people can discuss their thoughts on books in a warm, friendly, and inviting atmosphere thereby making everyone’s reading experience more enjoyable.  If you are someone who appreciates a good book, regardless of the genre…this is the group for you!  It is a haven for all bookaholics, and a place to discuss everything that books encompass. 


Bunco is a lively, friendly dice game played with friends. It is easy to learn and simple to play. There is plenty of fun and laughter happening here!

Cards and Carbs

Each month friends enjoy appetizers as they play a game.  Come have fun with a game you already know, or learn a new one while enjoying the company of others.

Cooking Together

Cooking together made its first debut in September 2000. Karen Feyler and Judith Fekete hung up their aprons in September2020. We are now bringing it back to life! We do all the shopping, select the recipes and set up the preparation areas.  You select who will join you in preparation and choose an envelope containing your part of the meal.  It is an enjoyable dinner with friends and a minimal amount of work!  Bon appetite!


Think you are not artistic or creative?  This is the activity for you, regardless of your artistic ability.  Our instructors will help us create beautiful treasures that you will want to keep for yourself or give to your family and friends as gifts.

Encore Wanderers

A couple times a year, groups travel to fun locations for a few days of relaxation, excursions or whatever the chosen location offers.

Food and Fun

Food and Fun is a very popular activity.  It is a potluck themed dinner.  Members bring an appetizer, side dish, salad, entrée, or a dessert appropriate for the night’s theme.  The night begins with a Happy Hour followed by dinner. After dinner, it’s game time! The game might be played in teams or as individuals. Prizes may be awarded. The evening concludes with dessert.  This a great way to have fun and meet new people.


GO activities are unique, often one-of-a-kind trips to various places nearby. In the past we have enjoyed Happy Hours at local wineries, glass blowing demonstrations, trash and treasures. We have many more surprises coming up.  Oh.. the places you’ll go..  

Hand and Foot

Daytime Hand and Foot is a fun card game.  It is a variation of the game Canasta, but played with a partner.  Players are dealt two sets of cards, a hand and a foot.  Then the game begins. Four rounds later the winners are decided.  It is easy to learn and members are available to teach anyone who wants to learn.

Hand and Foot with Partners

This is the same game as Hand and Foot, but you sign up with a partner and it’s played in the evening.  It’s a fun and challenging game to play with friends while you socialize.

Hand Knee and Foot

Hand Knee and Foot is a new version of Hand and Foot but with an additional set of cards, a knee. It is a bit more complex than Hand and Foot but you will enjoy the challenge.  Players need to strategize, however, luck plays a big part!  If you don’t know how to play, lessons are given to those who want to learn.

Hand Knee and Foot with Partners

Easy to learn and exciting to play, Hand, Knee & Foot with Partners is a terrific way to spend a Saturday evening with your Encore friends.  This card game is a variation on Canasta that’s played with four players using six decks of cards.  Strategic thinking mixes with the “luck of the draw” and you’ll find yourself excited to play every time.  Sign up with a spouse, partner or friend.

Let’s Go Girls!

Let’s Go Girls! will meet the second Thursday of each month.  It’s a time when we will dance, karaoke, go bowling, learn to paint, learn wine pairing, or see a play.  The list is endless.  Whether we meet in someone’s home or go out, it Is an opportunity for us to have fun and build lasting friendships.

Yakkety Yak Mahjong

Our mahjong group meets the second Monday of the month.  Mahjong is played with tiles. Four people play at each table.  It’s challenging, but fun!  if you don’t know how to play, we will find someone to teach you. 

Mexican Train

Mexican Train is a version of dominoes that we all enjoyed as children, but with twists.  When you create your “train” and have used all your dominoes you have won that hand. An extra advantage for all players is the “Mexican Train”.  Hop on board!

Mystery Adventure

If you enjoy surprises and new things to do, this may just be the activity for you.  Friends sign up for an adventure, which is a mystery until you arrive at the meeting place.  Maps are distributed at a meeting place and off we go for our adventure.  Who is ready for a surprise?


Poker is a friendly game for anyone who enjoys cards and a bit of challenge and strategy.  By strategy, we might mean luck!  Come and enjoy the fun!

Salad Bar

Salad Bar is a popular lunchtime potluck, and an opportunity to make friends and socialize.  It is often theme based and sometimes offers a friendly game for all to play.  Who doesn’t like lunch with friends?

Shanghai Rummy

Shanghai Rummy is an interesting version of the standard rummy game.  Players play all the cards in their hand with specific requirements for each round.    Come enjoy the fun!

Shanghai Rummy in the Evening

This game is similar to the day time version but with a few added twists in order to win each hand. Friends are asked to bring an appetizer or a dessert.  Happy Hour and appetizer are first, then the game, finally dessert. Are you up for the challenge?  Come join the fun!

Walk About

Beautiful locations are chosen for a group walk in the morning. It may be at a local park, trail or just exploring spots around town. You might see a stream, meadow, majestic trees, butterflies, birds, and more. Come out for exercise and socialization. Discover trails you didn’t know existed.  They may become your favorites.  Take your family next time!

Wine and Dine

Wine and Dine is an opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and enjoy friends you already know.   We get together on the third Saturday of the month.  We make a toast, share a meal, and play games.  Come join the fun!